Mobile & self-sufficient C2X Road Side Unit (ITS station)

The mobile and stand-alone waveBEE®solo C2X unit is the perfect system for C2X field tests by combining our waveBEE®plus development platform, its own power supply with rechargeable batteries and charger and an array of antennas in one box.


The battery delivers enough energy to supply the waveBEE®solo non stop for up for 48 hours in typical use cases. Therefore it is ideal to be used as a highly mobile and infrastructure independent Road Side Unit (RSU / ITS Station). Combine multiple waveBEE®solo to design and configure your own C2X test field anywhere. The integrated charger for the battery can also be used to power the waveBEE®solo continuously. A countinous power feed can also be established when using the external 12 VDC line in (if used inside a vehicle for example). NORDSYS also offers customer specific adjustments and customisation of the C2X stack as well as individual development of C2X applications. The open waveBEE®solo platform is also capable of running third party applications and development frameworks (ADTF, OSGi).

Technical data

Firmware / Software
  1. Preconfigured Linux operating system
  2. ETSI ITS G5 communication stack
Set includes:
  1. waveBEE®solo unit (Box)
  2. Antenna WAVE IEEE 802.11 p N-socket
  3. Combi-antenna GPS / cellular, fixed mount
  4. Documentation
Infrastructure-kit accessory set:
Enables the display and control of C2X example applica- tions using an HMI touchscreen.


Set icludes: Touchscreen 8“ inside the construction, Pre-installed C2X example applications (roadworks warning, emergency vehicle, traffic jam)
Technical data
Construction Aluminum
Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 582 / 385 / 277 mm
(w/h/d) w/o antennas
Power supply self-sustaining (battery up to 48 h)
external 12V DC line in
line in (charging) 230V A/C
internal charger
internal rechargeable battery
Classification Protection: IP 66 (using protection caps on external interfaces)
System waveBEE®plus
1.91 GHz Intel® Atomtm E3845
SoC integrated chipset
8 GB CFasttm card
1 Expansion slot
Network 2x RJ45 (GBit Ethernet) internal
WAVE module IEEE 802.11 p
Antennas N-antenna (screw connection) 10 dBi 5.1-5.9 GHz WAVE
Fixed combi-antenna GPS / cellular
Antenna connections 4x SMA sockets (external access) WLAN, WAVE, LTE/UMTS, GPS
N-socket (external access)
Expansion slot options Radio module IEEE 802.11(a/b/g/p)
Cellular (LTE/UMTS)
Accessories Infrastructure-Kit
Quad-antenna (magnet mount) (WAVE, WLAN, LTE, GPS)
Quad-antenna (screw mount) (WAVE, WLAN, LTE, GPS)
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to product updates and future development.

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