Mobile communication

A lot of possibilities exist for a reasonable and cost-efficient use of mobile data services. Our definition is not to just be able to receive email and sync your calendar anywhere in the world: Mobile data services can be very useful and cost-cutting when being used in industrial production facilities.

We design and implement mobile communication solutions based mainly on JAVA. This leads to a homogeneous and consistent system solution. The implementation on the server side is typically done with J2EE (JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition), on the clients J2SE (Standard Edition), Microsoft C# .NET, Windows mobile or J2ME (Micro Edition) is used. Very good networking support of JAVA reduces development costs and is the basis for a powerful solution. The design of intuitive and ergonomic user interfaces when using the technologies mentioned above is of course mandatory.

Years ago, when the term "app" was still unknown and smartphones were science fiction, NORDSYS developed solutions to bring data and applications on mobile devices. These included opening and closing a cars' doors and windows or visualising machine statuses and parameters on a harvester. At that time JAVA (J2EE,J2SE,J2ME) was the technological basis, Microsoft C#.NET for pocket PC and Windows Mobile for PDAs / MDAs.

Today we create powerful system solutions from backend to the interface for iOS, Android and Windows.


Process-optimisation "harvester on mobile"

The crop on a harvester is heavily relying on the optimal settings and parameters of the onboard harvesting systems. Due to the short timespan the harvester can be used in the year you need to combine maximum use of the machine as well as maximum efficiency to maximise earnings.

Our solution
The implementation of an embedded Gateway using an expert-system which analyses and optimises the settings of the harvesting systems based upon the available technical parameters and sensordata. The interface was available via browser or mobile device.

What we contributed:

  • Architecture / concept and consulting
  • Implementation in UML, C/C++, JAVA, C#, XML
  • Embedded Linux, Win CE.NET
  • OSGi-integration and Development
  • Integration of the single components into the system
Mobile entertainment - Media server"

Development of software for broadcasting and streaming music, video and data from a media server to mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet, MDA/PDA) using a multitude of wireless technology: WLAN, LTE, UMTS, EDGE. In addition the interface was enhanced with an add-on for payment systems to invoice the individual content.

What we contributed:

  • Software architecture / concept
  • Security concept (encryption and authentication)
  • Implementation Media-server
  • Implementation payment / billing API
  • System-integration and tests

What you will get

Service range overview



We are developing tomorrows driver assistance-, infotainment- and communication-systems from the initial idea up to the final realisation.



Intelligent mobility

From car-sharing solutions to connected infotainment to crop-settings control "combine harvester on mobile".




Increasing complexity of the information-technology requires experienced specialists with cutting edge skillsets.


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