Intelligent mobility solutions

Todays society depends on the individual mobility of its people. The use of individual vehicles - the road traffic - plays a major role to ensure mobility for the masses. The increasing traffic density in the years to come requires intelligent solutions for vehicles, infrastructure and intermodular mobility to support further progression.

NORDSYS implements software architectures and systems for future mobility concepts. Networking and communication of all participants is key in order to optimise traffic flow. Of course our overall view includes alternative concepts of using individual vehicles (carsharing) and public transport. In the field of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) many successful projects have been realised for our customers, products have been developed and we participated in research projects with relevance across Europe.


Car-sharing automotive OEM

In the car-sharing system of one of the worlds largest vehicle manufacturers NORDSYS developed and implemented the required vehicle subsystems for the rent process (business-logic) with connection to the vehicles bus-systems (CAN). The car-sharing system was implemented on a special telematics unit.

Our services:

  • System-architecture
  • Software design und specification
  • Development control-unit firmware
  • Creation of the build-process and revision control system for firmware.
  • Development of update/flash system for firmware
  • Development of embedded software components in the vehicle
  • Implementation of the complete system and support starting mass production.
  • Supporting test processes
Car2X meets public transport.
The waveBEE® modular Car2X development platform can be used inside public transport vehicles (busses, trams) or even in lorries / trucks. In combination with our IBIS-bus gateway which enables the processing of data of the proprietary IBIS Bus to an IP network it is possible to develop added value systems within the vehicles (Information systems on mobile devices for the passengers for instance).

What you will get

Service range overview



We are developing tomorrows driver assistance-, infotainment- and communication-systems from the initial idea up to the final realisation.



Intelligent mobility

From car-sharing solutions to connected infotainment to crop-settings control "combine harvester on mobile".




Increasing complexity of the information-technology requires experienced specialists with cutting edge skillsets.


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