Automatic driving

Key technologies for tomorrow's transport

Currently, many manufacturers offer vehicles with driver assistance and semi-automatic driving functions. These vehicles handle for example parking operations or provide assistance when driving in traffic jams. The human is thereby fully involved and responsible for the driving task. In the higher levels of automation that are currently being developed (SAE Levels 3 and 4), the system takes over control so that the driver can turn his attention to other activities and only has to take over the driving task when requested by the system.

These high levels of automation require a replica of the human driver through hardware and software, from sensing the environment with sensors to path planning based on highly accurate maps to controlling actuators such as brakes and steering.

NORDSYS supports you in the conception, development and validation of automatic driving functions. 

Our Services

  • Driving models and driver condition
  • Cooperative driving functions using V2X technologies
  • Maneuver planning
  • Precision location and highly accurate maps
  • Test automation and simulation 
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