V2X and connected vehicles

More safety and comfort through communicating traffic participants
V2X, which is written out as Vehicle to X, describes the communication of one vehicle with another, with other road users and/or the traffic infrastructure. 
This technology, which is based on different communication standards, is among other things preparing the way for the ecological and safe traffic of the future. The exchange of messages between the various road users and the infrastructure offers previously unknown convenience functions, potential savings in terms of resources and time and, last but not least, improved safety functions.
Worldwide, V2X technology is currently being installed in cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, streetcars, traffic lights, gantries, etc., and is being further researched.

For automated and autonomous vehicles in particular, communication with the world around them is a key advantage:
  • Traffic lights no longer have to be detected by camera and assigned to the lane the vehicle is currently in
  • Vehicles, bicyclists, or pedestrians that are not detectable by the vehicle's own sensors are nevertheless made available for on-board processing
  • Traffic signs are clearly assigned to the respective situation
  • Obstacles or dangerous situations behind curves or in blind spots are known in advance and can therefore be avoided or reacted to as soon as possible
Even if different communication standards are used in different regions around the world, whether WAVE in the USA, ITS-G5 in Europe or C-V2X in China, the waveBEE products manufactured by Nordsys can handle them all.

Our Services

Software development services in the field of V2X
You have ideas in the field of V2X, but either not the capacities or the experience to implement them? Our team of developers has been able to successfully handle every task in this area so far. Many of our employees have been involved with V2X communication since the beginning of standardization and are experienced developers in this area.
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