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waveBEE C2X stack

Heart of the waveBEE® software solution is the modular high performance waveBEE® C2X stack. This stack contains the modules GeoNetworking (GN-Service), Basic Transport Protocol (BTP) and Local Dynamic Map (LDM). They are supplemented by the Facility-Modules CA-Service (CAM), DEN-Service (DENM), SPAT-Service (SPAT), MAP-Service (MAP) and Security (SEC).

The software architecture by NORDSYS allows allocating individual services and applications to multiple network nodes. This ensures easy implemen- tation and testing of solutions for serial production, taking manufacturer specific control unit software architectures into account. Relying on a Continuous Integration Build-Process in combination with platform independent coding, the entire development cycle is based upon a consistent code base - ready to be used in series production.

Tests, Analytics, Simulation

The simulation tools of the waveBEE® software are capable of creating complex C2X scenarios and enable the user to perform a multitude of reproducible tests (e.g. penetration or load tests). In this case the waveBEE® software is part of a test-system which delivers C2X communication for defined traffic scenarios, generating input for the DUT (Device Under Test) or SUT (System Under Test).

The simulation can generate different grades of traffic density and corresponding C2X data traffic: The scale ranges from individual single incidents or messages to mass simulation of a multitude of C2X participants. The ability to create reproducible test scenarios by simulation is essential for the standardisation of processes to get reliable and analytically correct test results.

Designing and customising applications for research & development

The requirements for the functional scope of a C2X stack are evolving fast. Functions for new assistance systems or autonomous driving functions need development of new Facility-Services or adjustment of payloads. Using the waveBEE® product lineup, these new requirements can be developed from R&D state to reach series production level by utilising a structured development process. There is good reason NORDSYS GmbH is a renowned development partner for automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers for many years, especially for creating innovative communication solutions and applications.

Because of the high dynamic in the topics listed above we recommend an individual discussion.

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