V2X environment generator

The waveBEE®to-go is the perfect system for creating, editing and deploying complex V2X environments for laboratory or field tests. Using the powerful waveBEE®creator V2X Scenario Editor Software the developer can create complex V2X environments with just a few mouse clicks.


These scenarios can be used either in the lab for HiL tests or transferred to the waveBEE®to-go system for field deployment.
The waveBEE®to-go will create all required V2X messages based upon that scenario data, emulating all V2X participants (vehicles and infrastructure systems/RSUs) and broadcast these using the IEEE 802.11p standard. The system will turn any area into a complete V2X environment with reproducible scenarios and test parameters.

Editing parameters of the scenarios is possible with the AndroidTM based configuration tablet (included in the waveBEE®creator V2X scenario editor addon). The developer can tweak and alter his predefined scenarios live at the test site. It is also possible to geo-shift complete scenarios so that harmonized or standardized scenarios can be transferred to any test site in order to create exactly the same environment for reproducible test results of the required use cases.

technical data

Firmware / Software
  1. Linux operating system
  2. ETSI ITS G5 V2X communication stack (EU Version) or
  3. WAVE V2X communikation stack (US version)
Set includes:
  1. waveBEE®to-go
  2. 2x antennas WAVE IEEE 802.11p N-socket 5.9 GHz
  3. 1x antenna WLAN IEEE 802.11a/g/b/n N-socket
  4. Combi antenna cellular (LTE) & GPS
  5. 230V (EU) or 120V (US) power charger
  6. Documentation
waveBEECreator V2X Szenario Editor Addon
Create V2X scenarios fast and simple with just a few mouseclicks


Addon includes: waveBEEcreator V2X scenario editor software for Windows, waveBEEcreator V2X szenario editor app for Android. (Android is a Google Inc. brand), Android basierted tablet for on-site configuration.
technical data
Construction die cast aluminum
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 280 / 230 / 111 mm
(w/h/d) w/o antennas
Power supply self-sustaining batteries (up to 8h)
12V DC line in (charge & operate)
Protection class IP 66
Operating temperature -20°C - 60°C, < 95% humidity
Storage temperature -40°C - 80°C
System Intel® Atomtm E3825 Prozessor
16 GB eMMC mass storage
Hardware Security Module (HSM)
Netzwerk 1 GBit Ethernet RJ 45
Netzwerk 2 WAVE IEEE 802.11p
Single / Dual / Diversity mode
dual antenna N-socket
Netzwerk 3 LTE / 3G cellular module
Netzwerk 4 WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Access Point Mode
incl. additional N-socket
Subject to change due to product updates and future improvements.

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