V2X Hil test system

The waveBEE®hive is a compact IEEE 802.11p und C-V2X HiL V2X test system capable of multistack environments for complex testing in the automotive industry. Connected cars are raising the bar of complexity in automotive testing. Highly sophisticated components like advanced driver assistance systems or autonomous vehicle functions require an evenly high sophisticated environment for functional testing.


The waveBEE® hive answers the automotive industries need for complex reproducible test environments. With fully interactive, reproducible scenarios transmitted over V2X radios supporting C-V2X and 802.11p, it is available for various regions (NAR/EU/CN).  Capable of simulating more than 60 ITS stations it massively reduces costs for test environments and accelerates development processes significantly.

Technical data

Firmware / Software
  1. Preconfigured operating system supporting customer frameworks & applications
  2. waveBEE V2X communication stack "HiL Edition 60+" (>60 ITS stations simultaneously)
  3. waveBEE V2X scenario generator software "HiL Edition"
  4. waveBEE V2X logging- and analysis software "HiL Edition"
  1. waveBEE®hive system - 19" rack with 18 HE
  2. Configurable radio modules IEEE 802.11p and/or C-V2X
  3. Documentation
Technical data
Construction 19" Rack System, 18 HE, schwarz
Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 600 / 1200 / 1000 mm
(w/h/d) w/o  antennas
Power supply 230 VDC, 110 VDC, USV 1000VA inkl.
System 16 core application- & communication server
64 GB RAM, 480 GB SSD
Network 10 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
Communication 4 x IEEE 802.11p radios
4 x C-V2X radios PC5
Interfaces GNSS, Ethernet RJ45, HF n-socket (male)
RF equipment 5-port air interface emulator
Errors and technical changes excepted. Deviations from this product description may occur within the scope of further product development.

What you will get

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