Mobile V2X Field Test System


Key facts

  • Functional Rapid Deplopyment Field Test System for V2X based ADAS and AD
  • Environment generator (scenario based) for simulation and generation of V2X messages for mutiple C-ITS nodes (vehicles or RSUs)
  • Multi Region Support (EU, US, CHN)
  • Multi technology IEEE 802.11p / C-V2X (PC-5 sidelink)
  • Autonomous operation up to 20 hours (battery powered)

The waveBEE®to-go is a self-sufficient and fully mobile test environment generator for V2X message-based field tests. Automobile manufacturers as well as manufacturers of traffic engineering systems have to test the safety of V2X based functions, under conditions in the laboratory as well as under real conditions in the field: whether it is an ADAS function in the vehicle or an influence on the control time of a traffic signal system by e.g. a special operation drive or a public transport prioritization in the traffic management center, each triggered by corresponding V2X messages

Instead of having to integrate a V2X-equipped emergency vehicle or streetcar into the tests in the last mentioned example, let alone having to equip dozens of vehicles with V2X technology when testing an application for traffic flow optimization, all messages relevant for the test case can be generated and transmitted by waveBEE®to-go. Messages for vehicles as well as road side units / traffic signals can be simulated and sent out in real time.

Thus, complex and replicable test environments with multiple other V2X participants can be created quickly and cost-effectively with only one waveBEE®to-go system: In the laboratory and, due to the powerful integrated battery, also for a whole working day in the field test.

The intuitive V2X scenario editor waveBEE®creator takes over the definition of the test scenarios and thus the overall control.

You can find an overview of our products under V2X Products.

Typical fields of application

  • Research and development
  • Functional protection of series systems (e.g. V2X series control units in the automobile)
  • Commissioning and installation (e.g. of Road Side Units - RSUs / C-ITS stations)
  • Maintenance and operational safety (e.g. of traffic engineering systems)
  • Conformance testing / interoperability testing (e.g. in mixed networks of different V2X vendors)
  • Wherever real V2X messages from simulated vehicles or road side units have to be generated and transmitted

Technical Data

3.1 / 9.1 / 4.3'' (W/H/D) without antennas

13.2 lbs
Aluminium pressure casting

Operating temperature
-4° F to 140° F, max. 95 % humidity

Protection class
Power supply
High-performance Li-Ion battery (200 Wh), 12 VDC line in (charging and operating voltage supply), external 12 VDC charging / power supply unit

Power consumption
Approx. 15 W (max.)
Intel® E3825 processor, 2 GB DDR3 ECC RAM,
16 GB eMMC mass storage, GNSS module (GPS, GLONASS), Hardware Security Module (HSM)


WAVE IEEE 802.11p, Single / Dual / Diversity mode with two antennas
LTE / 3G Cellular module with antenna
WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, Access Point Mode with one antenna

Scope of delivery
waveBEE®to-go system
Power supply (country specific)
Mains cable (country-specific)
Communication standards
Due to product updates and future developments, technical data may change without prior notice.

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